Get Paid to Read & Click Ads from Best PTC Sites

There are dozens of best PTC where people can get paid to read ads and complete simple tasks. But I will tell you only the top & highest paying PTC sites available for worldwide users.

You can easily earn $200 to $500 per month by clicking & reading ads or doing number of short & simple tasks. You need to work only 30 minutes daily on these PTC sites.

If you have more time and need more income then you can also work on more online jobs along with PTC sites. Here are 4 best PTC sites where millions of people work & earn money.

Members will get paid through online e-payment services like Paypal, Payza, Netteler, Payoneer etc.

Best PTC Sites 2017

These are many best ptc sites who are well known for their stability, reliability, and profitability. There so many Scam PTC Sites out there so we only recommend joining these Legit Paid To Click Sites who have passed the test of time.

I did not include some stable and popular PTC sites here because they were linked to scam sites in the past and had issues paying their members. Only the Best PTC Sites can be seen on this page.

These websites have their own good qualities and strength. Some are paying high click rate, some with good affiliate programs, few have affordable advertising package and some have no minimum payout. Though these sites are different with each other, they have one thing in common which is.. “They Pay!”.

In my opinion best ptc site is paidverts because I have experienced it . It is one of the best ptc site. 

What is paidverts?

Hey Guys!

This guide is designed to teach you all about PaidVerts and how to utilize the website to make money. At first the site can seem a little overwhelming but after reading this guide you will soon discover that it’s actually pretty straightforward. So if you don’t already know what PaidVerts is, it’s a PTC or Pay To Click website that allows users to make money by clicking on advertisements. These advertisements are paid for by other PaidVerts members to advertise things such as a product, service or affiliate program they are involved with to other members. You are rewarded for your time by viewing these 5, 15 or 30 second ads. It’s that simple. There are also a few other ways to generate money using the site but viewing ads is the main source of income. And just a quick side note and awesome thing about PaidVerts. The website pays you in dollars for viewing ads where as most other PTC websites pay very little in comparison for doing the same thing.

Step 1: Register With PaidVerts

With that briefly explained, hopefully you will now understand what the purpose of the site is and how money can be made using it. The next step is to create an account. To do so, follow this link here  – https://www.paidverts.com/ref/Akshatjain9199

You will then be taken to a registration page where you will need to enter your details. This only takes about a minute to fill out. Once you have did this, then login to your account.

PaidVerts Home Page

PaidVerts Login Screen

You will be presented with the home page which has a lot going on and a lot of information to go through. If you would like to, you can spend a few minutes browsing the site to familiarize yourself with it but this guide is here to cut out all of the unnecessary fluff and quickly get your started earning! As I mentioned above, the business model of this website is built primarily around advertisers (other users) paying money to get their product or service in front of your eyes. You simply get a slice of this money every time you interact and view an ad.

PaidVerts Home Page

Step 2: Learn About BAPs or Bonus Ad Points

The first thing you need to do is get to grips with the concept of BAPs or Bonus Ad Points as they are what allow you to earn money with the site. BAPs are points that you acquire in order to prove your value to advertisers. The more of them you have, the more money you will receive everyday for viewing ads. There are a total of 15 BAP groups. I’m currently in BAP group 6 which allows me to significantly receive more money than someone in BAP group 1. Generally as you climb the groups, the amount of money you earn will double. It works by adding up all of the money spent on advertising each day and allocating and redistributing it between all users, with users in higher BAP groups receiving more than those in lower BAP groups. This is because people higher up are regarded as more valuable due to their participation in the system.

As you receive your daily ads to view, this will consume your Bonus Ad Points. That is the reason that they exist. The higher the value of the ad, the more BAP it will consume. The key to growing the amount of BAP you have is by purchasing ad campaigns. This could literately be for anything you like as long as it doesn’t promote any pornographic or gambling related websites. An ad campaign costs just $1.05 and will give you the ability to advertise something in addition to receiving a bonus of 3100 Bonus Ad Points. This is worth $1.55 in monetary value. So essentially if you invest $1.05, you will receive your money back plus almost a third extra on top of that. And the best thing about this is that it doesn’t have to cost you a penny and I will explain how soon.

1 BAP is worth a total of $0.0005 in monetary value. So if you have 100,000 BAP points, this is the equivalent to $100. I will explain how to purchase ads a little later.

Step 3: Click On Your Activation Ads

You will need to have at least 1600 BAP in order to start receiving ads that are worthwhile your time clicking. When you first sign up you will have 0 BAP. So to remedy this, browse the site navigation and click the “Paid Ads” link which will take you to the page displaying all of your available ad issues for that day. Every single day you will receive eight “Activation Ads” which you are required to click on to keep your account active. You account only stays active for a total of 21 days if you don’t do this. These ads only last 30 seconds, so once you get higher up the BAP groups, you will only need to click on one “Activation Ad” to keep your account activity at 21 days, which is the maximum it can reach.

PaidVerts Bonus Ad Points

PaidVerts Ad



Step 4: Learn About How Things Operate To Increase Your Earnings

If you click back to the homepage now, you will see a table with the “Maximize Your Earnings” headline. This contains as the title suggest, ways in which you can increase the amount of money you receive.

PaidVerts Table

1. The first entry in the table is asking if your account is active and you are able to receive ads. This is referring to what I just previously discussed. You must click on at least one of the “Activation Ads” you receive every day to keep your account at the 21 day level. If you don’t, for each subsequent day your days will decrease until it reaches 0, where you will no longer be able to receive cash ads.

2. The second entry is asking if you have any BAPs in order to be able to receive “Cash Ads”, which are different from the “Activation Ads” which are mainly used to keep your account active. The “Cash Ads” are what pay you for your time and effort when interacting and viewing ads. Here it tells you how many BAPs you currently have and as you can see from the screenshot above, I have 180,113.

3. The third entry is basically asking if you are able to receive “Paid Ads”. You’re required to have  at least 1600 BAPs to be able to receive any ads worth clicking on. The following screenshot shows you the BAP group levels and how many points you need to be in each group. As I stated earlier, I have 180,113 so therefore currently in BAP group 6.


4. The fourth entry is referring to recycled ads. Recycle ads are ads that users have failed to click on in the time scale that they were given to do so or have chosen themselves to manually recycle them. By default, you are given 18 hours to click on the ads that you receive before they will be recycled so make sure you log in everyday to click on them.

5 & 6. The fifth and sixth entry in the table is asking if you are eligible to receive 1% value ads for the mini and mega upgrades. The mini upgrades costs $2.99 and the mega upgrade is $19.99. As you can see I have purchased the mini upgrade which lasts for a total of 7 days. If you chose to purchase the mega upgrade, this will last for 7 days too.  If you fail to make your money back by purchasing either of these, it will be extended for a further 7 days until you have received the same amount or more than what you paid for it. That’s correct, by purchasing these upgrades you will often receive more money in return. I have seen cases of some of the higher ranked users receiving hundreds of pounds in ads daily by using these upgrades.

PaidVerts Mini and Mega Upgrades

By purchasing these, you will be classed as a super user and gain priority over the “Paid Ads” you receive. When a user pays to advertise something on PaidVerts, say they run a $200 ad campaign. The system will create 10 x $2 ads, which will be distributed to users with the upgrade until the timer runs out on their upgrade. If you purchased the Mega upgrade and are in a high enough BAP group, then you could receive the full $20 for 1 ad view. The Mini upgrade will send you ads in the range of $0.01 and $0.49 for users who have purchased ad campaigns in the range of $1 to $49. The Mega upgrade will send you ads in the range of $0.50 and above.

7. The seventh entry is asking if you have referred any people to PaidVerts. This is beneficial to you in 2 ways. One of which is, any time a referral clicks on an “Paid Ad” you will receive 5% of that as their sponsor. So if you refer someone, and they receive $5 worth of ads to view, you will receive $0.50 and that’s just from 1 referral. Imagine you had 20 referrals all doing this daily. That would mean you could make $10 daily from doing nothing at all. That would mean a total of $70 weekly, $280 monthly or $3360 yearly. If you have many more active referrals you could make some serious money. The second beneficial thing of having referrals, is that any time they purchase an ad campaign, you will receive 10% of whatever they paid. So for example, if they purchased a $20 ad campaign, you will receive $2. Now to succeed with PaidVerts, you need to continually purchase ad campaigns and all of your referrals will hopefully be doing this. That means the level of money you make will be even greater than the money generated from them clicking on ads. My referral link for PaidVerts is  :https://www.paidverts.com/ref/Aks. As I have spent the time to create this guide, I would highly appreciate if you could use this link when signing up. I will then be your sponsor and in return you can ask me any further questions if you are still confused about any aspect of the site. I will respond to you promptly and do the best I can to help you make money with PaidVerts.

8. The eighth entry is asking if you have an ad filter, which allows you to block any low value ads you don’t want to waste your time clicking. These are ads that only pay you around $0.0005 or so for viewing an ad. These are not really worth the time or hassle in my opinion. As the ads are redistributed at random amounts and to all members, you could receive many of these smaller ads, depending on the BAP group level you are in. I highly recommend purchasing this upgrade which costs $9.99, once you have generated enough cash using the site to do so. Otherwise, if you fail to click on these smaller ads, they will be recycled but will still have consumed your BAP in the process. This ad filter stops this from happening as it blocks any of these ads for getting sent to your account.  As you can see below I have set mines to $0.10, so that I will never receive any ads that are below $0.10.

PaidVerts Ad Filter

9. The ninth entry is asking if you have viewed your micro ad pack for the day, which are ads that get sent to you on a daily basis. As the name implies, they are micro ads worth only $0.025 and only really important when you first start using the site. Once you reach around BAP group level 3, you will receive ads of this level and above.

10. The tenth entry is asking if you want to change the standard 18 hour timer. This timer as previously touched on, starts to count down as soon as ads are distributed to you. Once the timer reaches zero, the ad will be recycled and sent to other users on the site. You can upgrade this but I don’t recommend doing this. Just click the ads within this time frame and you will be good to go.

Step 5: Start Earning With No Investment


When I first started using PaidVerts, I was hesitant to invest any money. I’ll admit it, I was sceptical. Then I noticed that they have a feature on their website call “Cash Offers”. You can get access to this section of the site by using the main navigation located on the right hand side. Go ahead and click on this and on the next page click on the Persona.ly button. You will then see the following application.


Persona.ly is an app that’s designed to help websites like PaidVerts make money from its users by presenting them tasks/offers in exchange for cash rewards. So you can do things like complete surveys, sign up to betting websites, download and install apps onto your phone etc.. In exchange for this, PaidVerts will actually give you a cut of the commission that they receive as an insentive to complete an task/offer. It’s pretty simple to understand and it’s a win win for everyone involved.

I’ve completed a few of these so far, mostly signing up to gambling websites as you receive the most money this way. Only last week I signed up to Gala Bingo. The only condition was that I had to make an account, deposit £5 and place a bet with one of their casino games. In return for doing this, I received $50 into my PaidVerts account within 24 hours. Yup, I made roughly $43 dollars and a free £5 bet because I made that money back by completing this offer.

Have a browse around the offers and if you’ve found one that you would like to complete, click on the green button that corresponds to that offer which will open up a new page with instructions on how to successfully complete it. Once you have fulfilled the requirements, go back to the PaidVerts home page and refresh. You will either see that the money has instantly been credited to your account or in most cases you will need to wait up to 24 hours before it will appear. This is so the company can verify that you correctly completed it. You can then use this to purchase ad campaigns, promote a product, service or affiliate program of your choice and allow you to rapidly climb the BAP groups to start generating a serious income.


Step 6: Purchase Ad Campaigns

This is the step that will allow you to grow the amount of Bonus Ad Points you have and climb up the BAP groups to increase your earnings. As I said before, there are 15 different BAP group levels. Once you have enough points to enter a new level, the amount of money you will earn will roughly double. An important thing to keep in mind here though is that it makes no difference the amount of points you collect in between each of the groups. You will receive the same level of ads daily until you reach a higher BAP group level. The reason why there is a gap between each group is that as you receive “Paid Ads” to click on, it will consume your BAPs and you could end up in a lower level.

The best strategy is to continue buying ad packs until you reach a level you are happy with. This is referred to as the 70/30 rule. You invest 70% of your earnings back into PaidVerts by purchasing ad campaigns as they reward you with 3100 BAP in the process which is worth $1.55 in monetary value but you will only have paid $1.05 for it. Therefore if you are in BAP group 7 and earning $60 a day, then you would invest about $42 of that and keep the other $18 for yourself. That’s $6570 a year just for clicking on some 30 second ads! The higher BAP group level you are in, the more you will earn.

So once you have been awarded the bonus for completing an offer, go to the website navigation and click on “Buy Ads”. Make sure you have at least $1.05 in your PV account as this is how much it costs to purchase one. You could also choose to deposit some of your own money but why do that when you could just complete one of the offers and actually make money in the process? Okay, next buy an ad campaign by clicking the green “Create Campaign” button. I have circled the correct one in red below:


As you can see, by purchasing this for $1.05 it will deliver 50 user visits with the requirement of users copying 3 lines of text about your product, service or affiliate program as well as 25x long banners and 100x small square banners. The purpose of purchasing these really isn’t to advertise something, it’s to get the 3100 BAPs which will allow you to climb the BAP groups. As I said previously, this is worth $1.55 in real cash value. You will receive the $1.05 back plus $0.50 on top of that when “Paid Ads” are delivered to your account over the coming days. Of course, this will come in real handy if you have something to advertise to thousands of other users all interacting and viewing ads. If you don’t, that’s fine. Just Google affiliate programs and find something worthwhile advertising. Other PTC websites are good as users of PaidVerts will likely be more interested in those. You could maybe advertise web hosting for sites like Host Gator which pay really awesome commissions to anybody who purchases web hosting through your referral link.

On the next page, just follow the instructions on how to launch an ad campaign. It’s fairly straightforward. Once you have done this, you will instantly get credited with your 3100 BAPs or 3100 BAPs x the number of ad campaigns that you purchased.

Step 7: Avoid These Features Of The Site

There are a couple of other features of the site and I’ll just let you know right off the bat, the most useless feature that was recently introduced is the “Click Grid”. This is basically a grid filled with 100 click-able squares and you get 35 chances to win up to $100/100,000 BAPs. Each time you click on one you need to view and interact with a 30 second ad. I used it for a few days and wasted a hour or two doing this and won around $0.10. I don’t think anybody has won the jackpot to date. My advice would just be to ignore this altogether.

link for joining now https://www.paidverts.com/ref/Akshatjain9199